Invite and add a client

To invite a client to share their diary with you: 

  1. On the Dashboard, choose Invite a client
  2. Enter your client's email address and names.
    NOTE: Use the same email address that your client is using or intends to use to set up their Easy Diet Diary account.
  3. Choose Send.

Your client will receive an email inviting them to share their food diary with you. To accept, they click a link in the email and follow the instructions.

To see if your client has accepted:

  • On the Dashboard, check the Recent Events.
  • On the menu bar, choose Invitations, then check the Status column.

Once the client accepts, you need to add them to your client list:

  1. On the Invitations page, find the client then, on the right, choose Add as client.
  2. Choose Add client.
  3. To go straight to viewing your client's diary, click View client.
    For more information see View your client's diary

The client also needs to download the Easy Diet Diary iPhone App onto their iPhone and set up an account. Here are detailed instructions for your client on how to get started sharing with you. 


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